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Trailer: Not Your Typical Fitness Business Podcast: Introducing Geronimo Unfiltered

Here’s the thing…

You probably started your health and fitness business to help more people. You’ve got a big heart, and we love you for that.

But you and I both know, the reality is and what no one talks about is that running a successful 7 figure boutique fitness and wellness studio can be overwhelming, exhausting and lonely as f*ck… (At least that’s how I felt).

The heartbreaking part is most gym owners are broke, busy and stuck in a really expensive “job” rather than becoming “profitable CEO’s” with an amazing lifestyle, because no one ever showed them how to build a successful business and life they love.

And even when you think you’ve made it, and you’re ready to get to another level… let me tell you, there’s a different devil at every level.

That’s why I’ve created this podcast. For you.

But let me introduce myself first, I’m your host Andrew Handosa, call me Doza – CEO and Founder of The Geronimo Academy – a community based group coaching and implementation program led by me and my expert team of studio growth experts who help free the studio owners from their shackles, get sustainable results.

I’m here to show you a different journey that can be more fulfilling, exciting and incredibly rewarding if you put yourself in the right environment, with the right mindsets and you make the personal shifts required to become who we really need you to be.

We’re not your ‘Typical’ Fitness Gurus with sneaky guarantees and a bag full of old tricks.

Our real purpose is to change the lives of the Life Changers… (that’s you).

And the difference is: I’ve actually successfully scaled and sold (for 7+ figures) my own high performing, profitable studios before. Twice.

I’ll show you the way.

I’m here to interview some of the most successful individuals I’ve met along the way. To share the shortcuts to success so you don’t have to go through the same pain that I did.

So, the search for greatness is on. I’m inviting you in, with no strings attached.

Stop doing it alone.

If you’re an ambitious studio owner, who wants to find out what you’re truly capable of…

And you’re constantly looking for ways to close the gap, and get to the next level of leadership, growth and impact…

Then you’re in the right place. And I’m inviting you into our community.

Geronimo Unfiltered starts next week – make sure you hit follow because you WON’T want to miss this episode.

You ready?

Big love,

Doza, your new wingman.

Peter Day UNFILTERED: Turning Failure into High Performance and the Future of the Fitness Industry

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