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The Team Handbook: What It Is and WHY Your Studio Needs It

There is only ONE document that is going to ALIGN your team and BOOST team culture.

It’s the Team Handbook.
I’ve spoken about the Team Handbook before on the pod but Soph and I have never gone into detail about EXACTLY what is in it, and how it helped take our studio from good to #1 in the area.

This handbook is your key to:

Aligning your team: Get everyone on the same page, ensuring consistency across ALL trainer sessions.
Boosting team culture: Build a team that cares about the studio just as much as you do.
Creating accountability: Empower your trainers and hold them to the Handbook standards.

And what’s even better? If you write up a draft handbook in the next 30 days… I’ll give you feedback for free. Message me at @hey.doza.

Books mentioned:
BE 2.0 by Jim Collins
Good to Great by Jim Collins
Built to Last by Jim Collins
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