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Episode 0

Q&A: Should I Rebrand My Dying Studio + SO much more

On today’s episode, we are answering YOUR questions.

Tune in and you’ll hear:
01:29 – Whether you should keep investing in your struggling studio (of a certain brand…) OR rebrand to something sexier?
02:56 – Effective time management strategies if you are someone who struggles to keep to their tasks
08:25 – How you can make sure that your revenue growth doesn’t lead to MORE expenses
12:02 – How to track your profit effectively and the HUGE problem that can come from failing to do this
13:50 – Tips for maintaining a healthy cash flow so that you can finally have financial balance in your business
15:42 – How to get your team on board with hitting targets
18:13 – Ways to stop second-guessing yourself and build CONFIDENCE in your decision-making
21:46 – Strategies to help you spend time working ON your business rather than on the day-to-day management
31:41 – Our 5 non-negotiable daily habits that ENSURES we nail our weeks, every week
… and a whole lot more

Listen to these episodes for more indepth answers and strategies:
➡️ 850 Members & 2.3% Churn Rate: Tribe’s Owner Reveals His Game-Changing Strategies
➡️ Triple Your Growth by Hiring THIS Staff Member
➡️ How to be a Better LEADER
➡️ Why Outsourcing your Confidence is the FASTEST Way to Close your Business

Prefer watching to listening? Check out the video version of the podcast here.

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