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How to Bring a Member BACK from the Brink of Cancellation

Are you ready to enrich more lives, increase your member base, reduce your cancels and increase the lifetime value of each member?

It’s time to curate the community at your gym because news flash, just because you own a gym… doesn’t mean you have a community. You just have members.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to differentiate your GYM from the one across the road. We’re breaking down the 5 types of members you have in your studio right now, how to identify them and how to get them MORE involved in your studio. And of course, we have a storytime about when we had to kick members OUT of the studio and cancel their memberships.

You’ll hear:
The group of members in your gym that are at the HIGHEST risk of cancelling without warning (these NEED to be on your radar asap)
How to kick members out of your studio without creating a fuss
Why cancelling someone’s membership can SAVE you from the annoying as f*ck members who will try to get a refund out of you
The text messages we sent to members to guarantee they would be back
… and a whole lot more

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You'll hear

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