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Is your gym stuck, but you haven’t given up yet?

Escape the burn out and build a profitable gym that runs without you, so you can do whatever the fu%k you want.

Here's a test you must pass to see if you have a real business.

Could you go to Hawaii for 2 weeks without your work phone, and your business still grows without you?

Unless that’s a hell yeah, you have a job, you don’t have a business (yet).

Too many gyms fail. Not because you don’t run great sessions, but because you don’t know how to build and run a great business

Without developing the specific skills you need to grow a fulfilling business, it’s going to cost you…


We hate seeing hard working gym owners, who have risked their life savings and missed school pickups only to struggle and feel unfulfilled. It’s unfair, but it happens too often.

We’re on a mission to change that, because it doesn’t have to be that way.

We build profitable, high-performing studios that don’t rely on you, the owner. Let us show you how to do it. Step by step, side by side. Because we’ve actually done it before.

The 3 missing pieces to your success, that we provide are


1. Our Proven Plug and Play Systems

Processes and Playbooks. Not a bag of old tricks that used to work pre-COVID.


2. Direct Accountability

and coaching by experts who have actually done it before. Not random marketing agencies or gurus with guarantees.


3. Our team will work with you and your team

on a custom roadmap through each stage toward profit. Not a one size fits all approach.



Oh, and..

An inspiring community.

Tune into a higher frequency and connect with other 6 – 7 figure gym owners who get you. Sharing resources, knowledge and breakthroughs. Unbiased. No Agendas. No complaining. Only people on the way to becoming the best.

Ready to grow?

We love working with the top studios of

the major networks, and impressive independent brands

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Get unstuck and grow your business

with a team who believes in you and have actually done it before.
Hundreds of times.

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Meet our team



Meet Andrew Handosa (Doza), a trailblazing entrepreneur and the visionary behind The Geronimo Academy.



Empowering and elevating both his team and his clients to new heights of success by cultivating a positive organisational culture.



On a mission to help owners feel more fulfilled while serving their community, and to connect these great gyms with the people who need them most.



On a mission to help established business owners achieve unprecedented success without sacrificing their desired lifestyle or their precious time.



Hi from Doza, the founder of Geronimo. It all started with a gym that was about to go under…



Hi from Doza, the founder of Geronimo. It all started with a gym that was about to go under…



Hi from Doza, the founder of Geronimo. It all started with a gym that was about to go under…



Hi from Doza, the founder of Geronimo. It all started with a gym that was about to go under…

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