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The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Studio


As you know, a large part of growing your studio has to do with getting your members to stay for long. After all, if they’re happy with your services, they may recommend your business to other people. Not to mention they’ll willingly pay the full price.

You can use several strategies to improve your retention rate, such as auditing your newbie member acquisition process. Unfortunately, many studio owners overlook this step, causing their businesses to underperform.

This article will dig deeper into why you can’t ignore auditing your newbie member acquisition process and two other mistakes you need to avoid.

The 3 Mistakes

Mistake #1. Using The Word ‘Trialers’

As previously discussed, you want to audit your newbie member acquisition process to support your studio’s growth. But you also want to ensure your team is invested in the acquisition process by shifting their mindset.

One of the shifts you should make is to stop calling your new members ‘trialers.’ It has a negative connotation because it means you don’t expect them to stay.

Remember this:

Your new members aren’t trialers – they’re just new members. They’re yours to lose, and you will lose them unless you treat them as your customers.

Unfortunately, many studio owners ignore this part of the acquisition process. They consider their new members as trialers, so they typically provide them with subpar services.

What’s the result of this?

A low rollover percentage, usually around 30%. They may hit 50% if they’re lucky, but they’ll get nowhere near 80% or higher numbers.

You can only have a high rollover percentage if you audit your acquisition process and stop viewing your new members as trialers.

So, adopt a different mindset.

Your studio’s new members are here to stay, and you need to make them stay if you provide them with high-quality services.

Mistake #2. Not Changing Your Beliefs

The reality is that studio owners share certain beliefs that hold them back.

For example, they’re not confident enough about their studio. While they become a coach or manager, they don’t think they’re cut out for it.

Also, they want to help people, but they believe they will let them down. And they feel that they’re out of their depth because they can’t figure out how to approach their customers.

If you share this attitude, you need to change it as soon as possible to prevent new members from leaving your studio.

And the best way to do so is by getting coaching.

Those who are experienced in this industry can guide you through client interaction and any other aspect you’re not confident about.

As you train harder and harder, the conversation with your customers will be more authentic. They’ll trust you more and be eager to stay with your gym.

Another belief studio owners have is that they need to talk to their prospects like they’re selling their services. They think this is the only way to persuade potential customers to become full-time members.

But that’s not what you should do.

Rather than cutting a deal with people, listen to their needs and accommodate them.

Remember, you have something to offer to these people. But don’t make it sound like you’re only interested in selling your services.

Instead, put yourself in their shoes.

They want to exercise, but they don’t have support at home pushing them to sign up for a studio. Their family may not be interested in their well-being, which can be a huge setback.

So, they need someone to provide the support…

And that someone is you.

Position yourself as a lifesaver. You can help your members become healthier, lose weight, gain muscle, or achieve any other goal.

Once the conversation takes this direction, you’ve moved past the price and are now focused on the outcomes your prospect is looking for. They’ll realise your mission is to help them and not take their money.

Such wholesome interaction is conducive to faster studio growth.

Mistake #3. Not Converting at the Studio

Making sales calls isn’t the only way to get more members. Nevertheless, most studio owners only rely on this method to seal the deal.

This is the wrong approach.

Yes, making sales calls should be a big part of your sales strategy, but it shouldn’t be the only part. You should also convert at the studio.

In fact, getting new members might be even easier on the floor.

Think about it.

If someone walks into your studio because it’s an open week or you’ve set up an appointment, it means they’re interested in your services.

They think your studio might be perfect for them. But you’ll still need to convince them of that.

Not trying to convert is a wasted opportunity, which is one of the reasons most studios don’t grow fast enough.

See, prospects enter their studio, but they let these prospects leave without attempting to sell. They’re reluctant to propose despite doing the hard work of getting prospects to visit their place.

Here’s the thing:

Clients perceive their hesitance and lack of confidence, so they leave.

This hesitation usually happens because selling is a weak spot for many studio owners. And they naturally avoid what they’re not good at. Also, they never address the issue and improve their skills, which makes them lose numerous members.

Some owners also depend on their talent only. Talent may indeed deliver some success, but it’s not sustainable for long-term growth.

The only way to overcome this obstacle is to invest in proper training.

As you learn more about the sales process, you’ll know what you need to say at any given moment once your prospect enters your studio.

Additionally, you shouldn’t be the only one who can make sales.

You should have at least one or two converters on the team who are confident enough to sell on the floor. This way, you’ll always be ready to convert.

Set Your Studio Up for Success

Mistakes can happen to anyone. However, you can’t ignore them and leave the growth of your studio to chance.

Whether you’ve adopted wrong beliefs, treated your new members as trialers, or failed to convert at the studio, tackle the issue head-on.

An optimised sales strategy and improved client interaction can make your membership go through the roof. And, of course, getting some guidance always helps.


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