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The 3 Secrets to Getting More Sales in Your Studio

Confidence is really key to running a successful studio.

To understand what I mean, take Haley, one of Geron1mo’s most accomplished clients, as an example. She’s an expert saleswoman, effortlessly closing dozens of deals for her studio every week.

But things weren’t always like this for her.

At first, Haley was shy and hesitant to take real action.

She didn’t know how to interact with potential clients and attract them to her studio. As a result, her sales plummeted, so there was no way to grow her business.

But Haley didn’t give up.

She took a long, hard look at herself. That’s why she identified a lack of confidence as her biggest weakness.

Her prospects also recognised this lack of confidence, too. See, Haley didn’t sound excited about her services, and her potential clients heard it.

She understood her timidness would be her downfall, so she decided to change this.

Haley made it clear to her prospects that her studio was perfect for body transformations and achieving a healthy routine.

Soon, she became more confident than ever. And she turned into a sales beast, setting a 50-sales week record.

If Haley turned things around in her studio, so can you.

Keep reading because you’ll discover the three secrets for getting more sales in your studio.

The 3 Secrets

Secret #1. Get Real on the Phone

One of the most important steps to increasing sales is to polish your phone game. You need to establish a rapport with your members by asking the right questions such as:

  • Why do you want to be here?
  • What do you want to achieve with this program? 
  • Do you want to lose weight or gain muscle? 

As the conversation flows, your prospects are more likely to open up if you also insert some emotion. You can ask emotional questions like:

“What would it mean to you to achieve your fitness goals?” 

This tells the customer you’re interested in their well-being. And that you want to find out how you can help them.

It also makes them more comfortable and eager to share their feelings.

Once you’ve built a rapport, your potential members will realise they can trust you.

Remember, you’re not a salesperson who only needs people’s credit card details. Instead, you’re building a strong relationship with that potential member and increasing your chances of closing the sale.

Getting real with them and setting the foundation of that relationship is key.

Secret #2. Be a Better Listener

The best salespeople are always great listeners. They want to hear about their client’s troubles so they can provide the best solutions, so they remain attentive throughout the conversation.

You need to do the same.

Rather than listening passively, you need to be an active listener and empathise with your customers. After all, you can’t hope to solve their problem without listening to them.

Establish a rapport by asking relevant questions, but don’t stop there.

Take in the answers before jumping to the next part of your script. Otherwise, your prospect may feel you’re not listening to them, and it will put them off your studio.

Now, the best way to avoid this scenario is to acknowledge their concern.

Whether they want to lose weight to feel better or gain muscle to be more confident about their body, show your prospect that you understand them.

This way, you’ll create an even better rapport, and your clients will be more likely to confide in you.

Secret #3. Don’t Focus on Your Gym or Membership

If you want to be a prosperous studio owner, you need to understand one thing:

Nobody cares about your gym or your gym membership!

Your customers aren’t interested in your battle ropes, sleds, and other equipment. They only want to hear about the outcome.

The sooner you realise this, the better you’ll be at making sales.

Now, to help you understand this point, picture yourself going on a holiday.

There are some things you never think about, right?

For example, you won’t really care that the plane takes 16 hours to reach the destination And that there are only two centimetres of leg space. The jet engine and lunch aren’t on your mind, either.

Instead, the only thing on your mind is what happens at the end of the flight.

You think about the beaches, palm trees, bikinis, drinks, memories in your photo feed, and other fascinating parts of your holiday. Everything else is irrelevant.

Your customers take the same route when considering your studio.

Rather than visualising the equipment and challenges, they think about what their body will look like three months from now.

They dream about losing 15 kilograms and becoming their best self.

Ultimately, the journey to their destination isn’t on their mind. But it’s your job to show them how to reach it. By contrast, their only job is to show up at your studio three or four times per week.

Keep this in mind whenever you’re talking to your customers.

If you feel the conversation is going in the wrong direction, get back on track by reminding the client of the outcome.

That said, you’ll know your sales call is fruitful if you move past the client’s wish to lose 5-10 kilograms and you start hearing about other motivations.

For instance, they may tell you that they aim to improve their mental health or want their family to see them differently. Alternatively, their main goal might be to become a good role model for their children.

If the customer displays this emotional drive, know that your gym membership and equipment are no longer relevant.

Instead, only the customer’s drive is relevant. And doubling down on it will help you seal the deal.

Master Your Sales Strategy

Following a generic approach to client conversations will get you nowhere. While your script is important, you can’t rely on it blindly.

Instead, you should strive for a powerful rapport with your potential customers. Asking appropriate questions and listening to their problems will help you do so.

In addition, don’t forget to move past your gym because your prospects don’t care about it. The only way to strike a chord with them is to emphasise the outcomes they want to have.

As they get excited about the results, making sales for your studio will be much easier.


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I know the deepest, most intimate problems that fitness studios deal with… because I’ve owned, operated, scaled and sold gyms myself. Twice.

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