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How to Optimise Your Challenge Strategy to Sign More Members

Much of your work as a studio owner revolves around setting up challenges. And setting up diet and exercise challenges, for starters, can motivate newbies to transform their lives.

This makes them perfect for increasing your membership.

As you grow, you need to streamline your challenges to keep them from becoming stale. Doing so will spark more interest in your studio, attracting new people.

However, optimising your challenge strategy can be overwhelming.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there was a simple recipe for advancing your challenge strategy?

Well, there is one.

And it has to do with building brand equity for your challenges.

This article will show you how to build brand equity for your studio’s challenges without getting overwhelmed.

Theme the Challenges

The first step to enhancing your strategy is to theme your challenges.

Now, you might hesitate because you might think that your studio is running too many challenges already. Or that they’re too short to fit any themes.

But the reality is you can theme any challenge, regardless of how many you’ve set up and their duration.

In fact, the easiest way to do so is to consider the current season and the mood of the people.

For example, newbies may want to be free to show off their bodies in the summer. If so, the theme of your challenge could be ‘freedom.’

Theming your challenges makes the routines more personalised and gives newbies more reasons to do the challenge.

Focus on Delivery Method

When setting up your challenge, you’ll probably focus on how many people will sign up for it.

A different approach might work better, though.

Instead of just considering the number of people who’ll participate, you also want to focus on the delivery method. Determine the ideal delivery method that will help you produce an epic scan out rate and enhance the reputation of your challenges.

For instance, if your only goal is to get 100 newbies to participate in your challenge, the outcome will probably be disappointing. After all, you may indeed get 100 newbies to join the challenge but just 20 of them may scan out. It won’t be enough to grow your studio, right?

You should do it the other way around.

Determine the ideal scan out rate (80% out of 100, for example) and develop a delivery model that lets you achieve it.

Get Challenge Specifics

Asking the right questions can help you empower newbies through challenges. However, you can’t ask them just any question.

For example, the “Are you doing the challenge?” question will get you nowhere.

After all…NOBODY really wants to do challenges – we all know they’re hard!

That’s why you should ask much better questions like, “Where do you want to be by Christmas?”. Or even, “What does it take for you to be super happy and proud of your fitness and health achievements?”.

Ask such questions and you can be sure that newbies will give you an answer. But this shouldn’t be the end of your conversation.

There’s a chance that they may not be specific enough, so continue to probe them. The second or third answer will probably be the information you’re looking for.

Now, when they give you an answer like, “I want to be 80 kilograms on Christmas morning”, this is a specific answer you can work with. It tells you what the newbie aims for, and you can shape your challenges around them to help the newbie achieve them.

Then, you can ask them why their goal is important to make sure it’s meaningful:

“Why do you want to weigh 80 kilograms at Christmas? What happens if you don’t get there? Would it really be so bad?”

Using the last question, it will seem you’re trying to take away the newbie’s goal. And this should make them even more adamant about accomplishing it and taking your challenge.

At this point, you’ll have all the necessary details for setting up the challenge. This includes the newbie’s goal, timeframe, and emotional reason.

That means you can now ask them the final question:

“What’s your plan?” 

In most cases, they won’t have one, allowing you to offer your challenge as a solution.

Prescribe the Challenge

You’ve already established what people want to achieve through your challenge. They want to feel like an absolute superman or superwoman on Christmas morning, for example. And your studio will help them do so.

Does this mean your work is over?


You still need to prescribe the challenge, laying down the specifics.

Make it clear to your newbies that your challenge isn’t just about weight loss. Depending on their goals, it can also be about getting shredded, putting on muscle mass, or getting their habits in order.

By explaining the ins and outs of your challenge, you can sell your plan more easily. The newbie will then visualise it and picture themselves at the end of the challenge.

They’ll soon understand that your method will help them create a healthy routine that lets them transform their bodies.

Get Your Team Behind It

The final part of streamlining your challenge strategy has to do with your team. Everyone needs to be on the same page and invested in creating a successful challenge.

How do you ensure this?

You can consider a financial award for hitting a target scan out rate. Whether it’s a raise or a bonus, it’ll motivate your team to work harder on the challenge, knowing there’s a lot to gain.

But the award doesn’t need to be monetary. Sometimes, a mesmerising team experience can work better than money.

For instance, you could organise a team trip towards the end of the year if they hit certain numbers of your challenge. They’ll look forward to this bonding event and put in more effort.

Dream Big With Your Challenges - It'll Pay Off

The reality is that many studio owners get overwhelmed when developing challenges. So, they make huge mistakes that kill their scan out rate and lead to subpar results.

But you don’t have to fall into the same trap since the recipe for success is simple:

Theme your challenges, focus on the delivery method, and obtain specific information from your newbies.

Once your newbies are on board, prescribe your challenge and make sure your team is fully involved. The result will be more members and faster studio growth!


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