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How One F45 Studio is Killing It (Three Success Secrets Revealed)

Many studios don’t make it past the numerous challenges associated with the business. But our client managed to overcome them all and achieve astounding success. Discover what they did differently.

An F45 studio from North Vancouver made impressive improvements in only one month since they started working with us. In fact, they’ve come such a long way that it already feels as if we’ve been working together for a year.

Initially, the F45 studio’s staff struggled with burnout.

Like many other businesses, they couldn’t keep up with the demand and the team were starting to feel drained. Naturally, the first step in overcoming this issue was to expand the studio’s workforce.

This is precisely what our client did; they added more manpower and hired a VA. And as expected, the burnout went away and the entire team could now focus on other, high-level tasks.

What’s more, the timing for hiring more people was perfect – the studio started seeing a dramatic increase in clients!

In only 11 days, the studio enrolled 27 kick-starters, five two-week trials, and nine full memberships. Previously, those results would’ve been fantastic for an entire month.

With the number of new members skyrocketing in the studio came a new challenge: client retention. While it was great to see all the new faces coming in, it was now time to think about keeping them engaged and interested.

Fortunately, this F45 studio managed to overcome that challenge in spades.

Retention is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of running any successful business, particularly an F45 studio.

That’s why in this article, we’ll uncover the three secrets our client used to improve this crucial business aspect.

The 3 Secrets

Secret #1. Maintaining an Amazing Vibe

One of the things that can make a considerable difference when it comes to retention is the atmosphere in the studio. Luckily, our client always had a great vibe and managed to create good engagement levels from their members.

As their business kept expanding, the studio needed to put in extra effort to keep the same vibe they had so far. And since they always had plenty of people doing challenges, it seemed like a good idea to use those regular activities to improve the atmosphere in the studio.

The solution the team came up with was brilliant: they divided the members into three teams and ordered red, white, and blue challenge bands for everyone.

While this might seem like a minor thing, equipping their members with those bands did wonders for motivation and how everybody felt.

People started recognising each other by their teams, and it opened new conversations. In addition, the motivation and excitement of all members went up significantly.

This is just one example of small “tricks” that can create a lively vibe within a studio. And naturally, a great atmosphere will keep people happy and coming back for more.

Secret #2. Make Your Members Love You More!

It might seem like talking about love in a business context would be a bit over the top. Yet, in the case of this F45 studio, that’s precisely how the clients started feeling towards the business.

The members love the studio, and the studio loves them back without weaponising those emotions to grow. This sincere relationship is likely at the core of the great dynamic between the studio and its clients.

But why do people end up loving a studio?

The answer lies in what they get from the business.

Of course, members can always count on getting a wicked workout, but that’s no different from any other studio. The unique thing that our client does is that they take it a step further.

For example, the studio started using a system of personalised messages with custom names to notify members of any changes or unpredicted situations.

In fact, they recently used this messaging system to tell their members about a power outage. And without that platform, the studio would’ve been in chaos with all the people coming in and being unable to work out.

Our client also used the text platform to make their challenges more interactive and exciting.

Generally, people react very favourably to little things that show them that a business really cares. A studio could certainly function without these small considerations… but it would never develop such a devoted following.

Secret #3. Mindset Changes That Will Change Your Studio for the Better

The studio underwent many structural changes to make progress. In particular, it was necessary to restructure the business roles.

This required a change in mindset.

Before, it was common for one person to manage everything from the sales to the team. But now, there are different people in charge of individual aspects of the business, which means that everyone can devote their full attention to a limited set of tasks.

In other words, our client stepped out of the scarcity mindset – the mindset where you’re supposed to limit your team size and do everything yourself.

This mindset shift that caused increased efficacy and heightened focus on details didn’t only result in better business practices. The studio members felt the change, too, and it reflected on the studio’s retention rate.

The second mindset change had an even greater impact.

You see, the team started taking a closer look at each individual client and assigning custom goals for every member. They began focusing on members based on whether they were on their first session, nearing the end of the trial, or far advanced on their journey.

Simply put, the studio decided to pay extra attention to potential full-time members. And this increased the likelihood of enlisting those clients for a longer period.

Greater Client Retention Leads to Amazing Success

It might be argued that attracting new clients is easier than retaining existing ones. After all, you can always reach new prospects through a carefully thought-out marketing campaign.

But to keep clients in your studio, your service needs to be at a higher level and offer more than only the basics.

Client retention requires you to let your clients know that you care.

That’s why if you spend enough time and energy thinking about how you can improve the client’s experience, they’ll feel it. And once people feel appreciated, happy, and engaged…

They’ll want to stick around for longer and come back for more.


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