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3 Best Tips to Launch Your Parachute (And Get Quick Wins for Your Studio)

And to show that love, Stacey offered a promotion that went like this:

Here are 10 free training days for somebody you love. You have to claim it today.

Just from this simple marketing campaign, Stacey’s studio was able to bring in 20 people on that very same day!

And after the promotion was said and done, out of the 20 people, they got six who turned over into paid members. That’s not bad considering the fact that they didn’t have to shell out any money– they just had to get their existing members to bring friends along.

What Stacey did for her studio is an example of a strategy we call the Parachute Method that focuses on getting quick wins for your studio.

If you’re interested to learn more about this one-of-a-kind strategy and apply it to your studio, then keep reading. This article is specifically made for you.


Reason #1 - No Ad Spend

Would you believe that the Parachute Method requires zero investment on your part?

It’s because you either have already paid for these guys in your previous Facebook campaigns—except you didn’t cover them at the time—or they’re organic leads who came through your website.

They can also be previous members who cancelled and are only now looking to come back.

Reason #2 - No One Refuses a Parachute

The whole idea of The Parachute Method is this:

You launch an offer to help people. And once someone replies, that’s them putting their hand up, saying, “Yeah, man, I could really use some help.” And then, you’ll parachute and grab them!

That’s the thing – they’re putting their hands up and we save them.

We already know these people need our help. That’s why they’re in our pipelines in the first place. Perhaps, they just weren’t prepared enough to commit the first time. But that only means their problem still lingers and they still need your help.

The 3 Tips

Tip #1 – Learn How to Rewrap Your Parachute Every Month

You now know that there are truly some nice, quick wins to be won with The Parachute Method. However, some studio owners I’ve worked with also noticed one big challenge with this method:

It’s the fact that the system seems to work extremely well the first few times before it dwindles in terms of its open rates and results.

Studio owners would be getting between 15-25 people for the first few emails they send to old leads. But then, that interest peters out as they send more emails within the same year.

Fortunately, the solution is simple:

Rewrap your parachute to keep it fresh, relevant, and seasonal. You want to make sure that you’re not just sending the same text or email every month—as if you’re not putting any thought into it.

Think of how marketers rewrap the same Kickstarter or the same 50% off for the same offer every time they send out marketing materials. That’s what you want to emulate when you’re launching your parachutes.

So, you want to mix up your email and text blasts every single month, especially during holiday months. If it’s February, for instance, you could send out a Valentine’s Special shape-up offer like Stacey. And you could also send out Spring Fling offers or a March Madness offer—even if it’s technically the same offer every time.

You can keep your parachute relevant by making these little tweaks that make them appear fresh and in-season…

And none would be the wiser!

Tip #2 - Nurture Your Lists and Add Value

If you’ve got 100 leads on your pipeline, I want you to think that there’s no other way to grow your studio but to interact with those people on your list. Having this mindset will force you to treat them in a caring, nurturing way.

At the same time, you should also be willing to provide your leads with value before you send them an offer. You could send them tip sheets, newsletters, and healthy recipes they might want to try.

Do anything that could make you a valuable resource for them.

Tip #3 – Build Authority and a Good Relationship with Leads

Truth is, building authority and a good relationship with leads shouldn’t be hard. It all comes down to how much value you can provide and how you communicate to your leads.

Instead of just receiving promotional emails or dry ones…

Your leads should be receiving your emails and texts as if they’re getting them from their best mates. For example, they should get emails that say:

“Don’t tell my boss I did this!”…

These get more clicks and opens.


It’s because communicating in this manner builds your relationship with your leads.

Launch Your Parachute Today

Now you might be wondering: Why do I need to nurture, add value, build authority, and build a good relationship with my studio’s leads?

Well, the thing is, if you can consistently do all of these things together, it will be easier for you to go out there with an offer. It will also make a whole lot of sense for your leads to accept it and finally become members of your studio.

In contrast, if you simply ask, ask, ask, offer, offer, offer, and sale, sale, sale… Things will get pretty repetitive. In the end, they would probably be repulsed by you and unsubscribe to your list.

If you can make it a point to regularly do all of the things I mentioned, you’re sure to reap all the amazing benefits that the Parachute Method has to offer.

So what are you waiting for?
Start implementing it today!
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I know the deepest, most intimate problems that fitness studios deal with… because I’ve owned, operated, scaled and sold gyms myself. Twice.

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